Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Thank you for purchasing a POLARIS vehicle, and welcome to our
world-wide family of POLARIS enthusiasts. Be sure to visit us online at
www.polarisindustries.com for the latest news, new product
introductions, upcoming events, career opportunities and more.
Here at POLARIS we proudly produce an exciting line of utility and
recreational products.
All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
RANGER® utility vehicles
Victory Motorcycles®
Low emission vehicles (LEVs)
We believe POLARIS sets a standard of excellence for all utility and
recreational vehicles manufactured in the world today. Many years of
experience have gone into the engineering, design, and development of
your POLARIS vehicle.
For safe and enjoyable operation of your vehicle, be sure to follow the
instructions and recommendations in this owner’s manual. Your manual
contains instructions for minor maintenance, but information about
major repairs is outlined in the POLARIS Service Manual and should be
performed only by a factory certified Master Service Dealer® (MSD)
Your POLARIS dealer knows your vehicle best and is interested in your
total satisfaction. Be sure to return to your dealership for all of your ser-
vice needs during, and after, the warranty period.