Polaris 400 H.O. Offroad Vehicle User Manual

U.S.A. EPA Emissions Limited Warranty
This emissions limited warranty is in addition to the POLARIS standard limited war-
ranty for your vehicle. POLARIS Industries Inc. warrants that at the time it is first pur-
chased, this emissions-certified vehicle is designed, built and equipped so it conforms
with applicable U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emission regulations. POLARIS
warrants that the vehicle is free from defects in materials and workmanship that would
cause it to fail to meet these regulations.
The warranty period for this emissions-certified vehicle starts on the date the vehicle is
first purchased and continues for a period of 500 hours of engine operation, 5000 kilo-
meters (3100 miles) of vehicle travel, or 30 calendar months from the date of purchase,
whichever comes first.
This emissions limited warranty covers components whose failure increases the vehi-
cle’s regulated emissions, and it covers components of systems whose only purpose is to
control emissions. Repairing or replacing other components not covered by this war-
ranty is the responsibility of the vehicle owner. This emissions limited warranty does not
cover components whose failure does not increase the vehicle’s regulated emissions.
For exhaust emissions, emission-related components include any engine parts related to
the following systems:
The following parts are also considered emission-related components for exhaust emis-
The following parts are considered emission-related components for evaporative emis-
*As related to the evaporative emission control system.
Air-induction system Ignition system
Fuel system Exhaust gas recirculation systems
Aftertreatment devices Sensors
Crankcase ventilation valves Electronic control units
Fuel Tank Vacuum Control Diaphragms*
Fuel Cap Control Cables*
Fuel Line Control Linkages*
Fuel Line Fittings Purge Valves
Clamps* Vapor Hoses
Pressure Relief Valves* Liquid/Vapor Separator
Control Valves* Carbon Canister
Control Solenoids* Canister Mounting Brackets
Electronic Controls* Carburetor Purge Port Connector