Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

irritate the skin, eyes, nose, or throat. If you have skin
or eye irritation, rinse the area with cool water. For
nose or throat irritation, move to fresh air. If the
irritation continues, see your doctor. If these particles
settle on your clothing, follow the garment manufac-
turer’s instructions for cleaning.
It is not advisable to drive your vehicle after the
airbags have deployed. If you are involved in another
collision, the airbags will not be in place to protect you.
Deployed airbags and seat belt pretensioners cannot
protect you in another collision. Have the airbags,
seat belt pretensioners, and the front passenger seat
belt retractor assembly, replaced by an authorized
dealer as soon as possible. Also, have the Occupant
Classification System serviced as well.
Maintaining Your Airbag System
Modifications toany part of theairbag system couldcause it tofail when you
need it. You could be injured if the airbag system is not there to protect you.
Do not modify the components or wiring, including adding any kind of
badges orstickers tothe steering wheelhub trimcover orthe upper rightside
of the instrument panel. Do not modify the front bumper, vehicle body
structure, or add aftermarket side steps or running boards.
Donot attempttomodify anypartof youradvancedairbag system.Theairbag
may inflate accidentally or may not function properly if modifications are
made. Take your vehicle to an authorized dealer for any advanced airbag
system service.If yourseat includingyour trimcover andcushion needs tobe
serviced in any way (including removal or loosening/tightening of seat
attachment bolts), take the vehicle to your authorized dealer. Only manufac-
turer approved seat accessories may be used. If it is necessary to modify an
advanced airbag systemfor persons with disabilities,contact your authorized
Donot placeor hanganyitems suchasadd-on videoplayerson therightfront
passenger seat back. The additional weight may cause the Occupant Classifi-
cation System to be unable to correctly classify the right front occupant. This
could allow the passenger frontal airbag to inflate when it is not desired.
You needproper kneeimpact protectionin acollision. Donot mount orlocate
any aftermarket equipment on or behind the knee bolsters/ driver inflatable
knee blocker.
It is dangerous to try to repairany part of the airbag system yourself. Be sure
to tell anyone who works on your vehicle that it has an airbag system.