Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

These radios will also display the current station name
and program type. For more information such as song
title and artist press the MSG or INFO button.
A CD or tape may remain in the radio while in the
Satellite radio mode.
Selecting a Channel
Press and release the SEEK or TUNE knob to search for
the next channel. Press the top of the button to search up
and the bottom of the button to search down. Holding the
TUNE button causes the radio to bypass channels until
the button is released.
Press and release the SCAN button (if equipped) to
automatically change channels every 7 seconds. The
radio will pause on each channel for 7 seconds before
moving on to the next channel. The word ЉSCANЉ will
appear in the display between each channel change. Press
the SCAN button a second time to stop the search.
NOTE: Channels that may contain objectionable content
can be blocked. Contact Sirius Customer Care at 888-539-
7474 to discuss options for channel blocking or unblock-
ing. Please have your ESN/SID information available.
Storing and Selecting Pre-Set Channels
In addition to the 12 AM and 12 FM pre-set stations, you
may also commit 12 satellite stations to push button
memory. These satellite channel pre-set stations will not
erase any AM or FM pre-set memory stations. Follow the
memory pre-set procedures that apply to your radio.
Using the PTY (Program Type) Button (if
Follow the PTY button instructions that apply to your