Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

may be possible based on collision severity and occu-
pant size. The steering wheel hub trim cover and the
upper right side of the instrument panel separate and
fold out of the way as the bags inflate to their full size.
The bags fully inflate in about 50 - 70 milliseconds.
This is about half of the time it takes to blink your eyes.
The bags then quickly deflate while helping to restrain
the driver and front passenger. The driver’s front
airbag gas is vented through vent holes in the sides of
the airbag. The passenger’s front airbag gas is vented
through vent holes in the sides of the airbag. In this
way the airbags do not interfere with your control of
the vehicle.
The Occupant Classification Module (OCM) is lo-
cated beneath the front passenger seat. The OCM
classifies the occupant into categories based on the
measurements made by the seat weight sensors. The
OCM communicates with the Occupant Restraint Con-
troller (ORC). The ORC uses the occupant category to
determine whether the front passenger airbag should
be turned off. It also determines the rate of airbag
inflation during a collision.
Your vehicle has four Weight Sensors located between
the seat and the floor pan. The weight sensors measure
applied weight and transfers that information to the
The Side Impact (SRS) Seat Mounted Side Airbags
(If equipped) are designed to activate only in certain
side collisions.
The ORC module determines if a side collision is
severe enough to require the side airbags to inflate.
The side airbag control module will not detect roll
over, front or rear collisions.