Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

By pressing the SEEK button when the PTY icon is
displayed, the radio will be tuned to the next frequency
station with the same selected PTY name. The PTY
function only operates when in the FM mode.
If a preset button is activated while in the PTY (Program
Type) mode, the PTY mode will be exited and the radio
will tune to the preset station.
SET/DIR Button (Radio Mode) To Set the
Push-Button Memory
When you are receiving a station that you wish to
commit to push-button memory, press the SET/DIR
button. The symbol SET 1 will now show in the display
window. Select the button (1-6) you wish to lock onto this
station and press and release that button. If a button is
not selected within 5 seconds after pressing the SET/DIR
button, the station will continue to play but will not be
stored into push-button memory.
You may add a second station to each push-button by
repeating the above procedure with this exception: Press
the SET/DIR button twice and SET 2 will show in the
display window. Each button can be set for SET 1 and
SET 2 in both AM and FM. This allows a total of 12 AM,12
FM and 12 Satellite (if equipped) stations to be stored into
push-button memory. The stations stored in SET 2
memory can be selected by pressing the push-button
Every time a preset button is used a corresponding
button number will be displayed.
Buttons1-6(Radio Mode)
These buttons tune the Radio to the stations that you
commit to push-button memory {12AM, 12 FM, and 12
Satellite (if equipped) stations}.