Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

MPEG Specifi-
Sampling Fre-
quency (kHz)
Bit rate (kbps)
MPEG-1 Audio
Layer 3
48, 44.1, 32
320, 256, 224,
192, 160, 128,
112, 96, 80, 64,
56, 48, 40, 32
MPEG-2 Audio
Layer 3
24, 22.05, 16
160, 128, 144,
112, 96, 80, 64,
56, 48, 40, 32, 24,
16, 8
ID3 Tag information for artist, song title and album title
are supported for version 1 ID3 tags. ID3 version 2 is not
supported by the radios.
Playlist files are not supported. MP3 Pro files are not
Playback of MP3 Files
When a medium containing MP3 data is loaded, the
radio checks all files on the medium. If the medium
contains a lot of folders or files, the radio will take more
time to start playing the MP3 files.
Loading times for playback of MP3 files may be affected
by the following:
Media - CD-RW media may take longer to load than
CD-R media
Medium formats - Multisession discs may take longer
to load than non-multisession discs
Number of files and folders - Loading times will
increase with more files and folders
To increase the speed of disc loading, it is recommended
to use CD-R media and single-session discs. To create a
single-session disc, enable the Disc at Once option before
writing to the disc.