Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

Operation Instructions - (CD MODE for CD Audio
NOTE: The ignition switch must be in the ON or ACC
position to operate the radio.
NOTE: Note: This Radio is capable of playing compact
discs (CD), recordable compact discs (CD-R), rewritable
compact discs (CD-RW) compact discs with MP3 tracks
and multisession compact discs with CD and MP3 tracks.
Inserting Compact Disc(s)
Gently insert one CD into the CD player with the CD
label facing up. The CD will automatically be pulled into
the CD Player and the CD icon will illuminate on the
radio display.
This CD player will accept 4 3/4 inch (12 cm) discs
only. The use of other sized discs may damage the
CD player mechanism.
You may eject a disc with the radio OFF.
If you insert a disc with the ignition ON and the radio
ON, the unit will switch from radio to CD mode and
begin to play when you insert the disc. The display will
show the disc number, the track number, and index time
in minutes and seconds. Play will begin at the start of
track 1.