Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

RND/SET Button (Random Play Button) (CD
Press this button while the CD is playing to activate
Random Play. This feature plays the selections on the
compact disc in random order to provide an interesting
change of pace.
Press the SEEK button to move to the next randomly
selected track.
Press and hold the FF button to fast forward through the
tracks. Release the FF button to stop the fast forward
feature. If the RW button is pressed, the current track will
reverse to the beginning of the track and begin playing.
Press the RND button a second time to stop Random
Operation Instructions - Auxiliary Mode
The auxiliary (AUX) jack is an audio input jack, which
allows the user to plug in a portable device such as an
MP3 player, cassette player, or microphone and utilize
the vehicle’s audio system to amplify the source and play
through the vehicle speakers.
The auxiliary mode becomes active when an electrical
device is plugged into the AUX jack using a standard 3.5
mm stereo audio cable and the user presses and releases
the MODE button until AUX appears on the display.
NOTE: The radio will return to the last stored mode if
the ignition switch is turned from the OFF/LOCK posi-
tion to the ACC position, the radio is turned on, and the
radio was previously in the AUX mode.
SEEK Button (Auxiliary Mode)
No function.