Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

2. Push seat back forward until it slides toward the
3. To return seat to a sitting position, rotate seat back
upright until it locks.
4. Push seat rearward until the track locks.
NOTE: The passenger front seat has a full recliner
memory, which will allow the seat back to returned to its
original position.
NOTE: The passenger front seat has a track memory,
which returns the seat to just past the half way point of
the track regardless of original position.
Adjustable Head Restraints
Head restraints can reduce the risk of whiplash injury in
the event of impact from the rear. Pull up or push down
on the head restraints so that the upper edge is as high as
practical. To raise the head restraint, pull up on the head
restraint. To lower the head restraint, depress the button
and push down on the head restraint.
Passenger Seat Back Tilt Lever