Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

Windshield Washers
To use the washer, pull the control lever toward you and
hold while spray is desired. If the lever is pulled while in
the delay range, the wiper will operate in low speed for
two wipe cycles after the lever is released, and then
resume the intermittent interval previously selected.
If the lever is pulled while in the OFF position, the wipers
will operate for two wipe cycles, then turn OFF.
Mist Feature
Push down on the wiper control lever to activate a single
wipe to clear the windshield of road mist or spray from
a passing vehicle. As long as the lever is held down, the
wipers will continue to operate.
In cold weather, always turn off the wiper switch
and allow the wipers to return to the park position
before turning off the engine. If the wiper switch is
left on and the wipers freeze to the windshield,
damage to the wiper motor may occur when the
vehicle is restarted.
Wiper/Washer Switch