Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

Delete UConnect™ Paired Cellular Phones
Press the ’Phone’ button to begin.
After the ЉReadyЉ prompt and the following beep, say
ЉSetup Phone Pairing.Љ
At the next prompt, say ЉDeleteЉ and follow the
You can also press the ЈVoice Recognition’ button
anytime while the list is being played and then choose
the phone you wish to delete.
Things You Should Know About Your UConnect™
Voice Training
For users experiencing difficulty with the system recog-
nizing their voice commands or numbers, the UConnect
system Voice Training feature may be used. To enter this
training mode, follow one of the two procedures: From
outside the UConnect mode (e.g. from radio mode),
Press and hold the ‘Voice Recognition’ button for 5
seconds until the session begins, or
Press the ‘Voice Recognition’ button and say ЉSetup,
Voice TrainingЉ command.
Repeat the words and phrases when prompted by the
UConnect System. For best results, the Voice Training
session should be completed when the vehicle is parked,
engine running, all windows closed, and the blower fan
switched off.
This procedure may be repeated with a new user. The
system will adapt to the last trained voice only.
To restore the Voice recognition system to factory default
settings, enter the Voice Training session via the above
procedure and follow the prompts.