Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

Seat Belt Maintenance
Do not bleach, dye or clean the belts with chemical
solvents or abrasive cleaners. This will weaken the fabric.
Sun damage can also weaken the fabric.
If the belts need cleaning, use a mild soap solution or
lukewarm water. Do not remove the belts from the car to
wash them.
Replace the belts if they appear frayed or worn or if the
buckles do not work properly.
Dry with a soft tissue.
Immediate removal of any contaminant is recommended.
Regular washing of the top will enhance its life and
appearance, and make successive cleanings easier. Do not
subject the top to excessive heat. Frequently vacuum the
top and storage compartment.
Hand washing is highly recommended. Automatic car
washing equipment can damage the top material. If you
must use an automatic car wash, soft cloth systems are
Avoid high pressure car washes, as they can damage
the top material. Also, increased water pressure may
force water past the weather strips.
General Cleaning
Careful vacuuming of the top before washing is helpful
in removing dust and other foreign particles. Wash in
partial shade instead of direct sun. Wet the entire vehicle
before washing the top. The top should be washed with
a soft, natural bristle scrub brush, and Mopar Car Wash
or a mild soap solution. Do not use detergent.