Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

Maintenance-Free Battery
You will never have to add water, nor is periodic main-
tenance required.
When servicing the battery, always reinstall the
battery thermowrap. The thermowrap provides bat-
tery heat protection and will extend overall battery
life. Failure to reinstall the thermowrap can result in
evaporative loss of the battery fluid.
Battery fluid is a corrosive acid solution and can
burn or even blind you. Don’t allow battery fluid to
contact your eyes, skin or clothing. Don’t lean over a
battery when attaching clamps. If acid splashes in
eyes or on skin, flush the area immediately with
large amounts of water.
Battery gas is flammable and explosive. Keep flame
or sparks away from the battery. Don’t use a booster
battery or any other booster source with an output
greater than 12 volts. Don’t allow cable clamps to
touch each other.
Battery posts, terminals and related accessories con-
tain lead and lead compounds. Wash hands after