Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

Trailer and Tongue Weight
Always load a trailer with 60% to 65% of the weight in
the front of the trailer. This places 10% to 15% of the
Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) on the tow hitch of your
vehicle. Loads balanced over the wheels or heavier in the
rear can cause the trailer to sway severely side to side
which will cause loss of control of the vehicle and trailer.
Failure to load trailers heavier in front is the cause of
many trailer accidents.
Never exceed the maximum tongue weight stamped on
your bumper or trailer hitch.
Consider the following items when computing the
weight on the rear axle of the vehicle:
The tongue weight of the trailer.
The weight of any other type of cargo or equipment
put in or on your vehicle.
The weight of the driver and all passengers.