Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

This feature heats the front driver’s and passenger’s
seats. The control for the heater is located on the instru-
ment panel, below the radio. After turning on the igni-
tion, you may choose OFF, HIGH, or LOW heat settings.
An indicator on the switch shows which setting has been
Pressing the switch once will select high-level
heating. Pressing the switch a second time will
select low-level heating. Pressing the switch a
third time will shut the heating elements off.
When high-temperature heating is selected, the heaters
provide a boosted heat level during the first four minutes
of operation after heating is activated. The heat output
then drops to the normal high-temperature level. If
high-level heating is selected, the system will automati-
cally switch to the low level after about 30 minutes of
continuous operation. At that time, the number of illu-
minated LEDs changes from two to one, indicating the
change. Operation on the low setting also turns off
automatically after about 30 minutes of continuous op-
NOTE: Once a heat setting is selected, heat will be felt
within 2 to 3 minutes.
Heated Seat Switches