Chrysler 2007 PT Cruiser Sedan Automobile User Manual

Check ventilation hose for indication of damage or
plugging deposits. Replace if necessary.
Fuel Filter
A plugged fuel filter can cause hard starting or limit the
speed at which a vehicle can be driven. Should an
excessive amount of dirt accumulate in the fuel tank,
frequent filter replacement may be necessary. The fuel
filters are located inside the fuel tank. See your dealer for
Air Cleaner Element (Filter)
Under normal driving conditions, replace the filter at the
intervals shown on Schedule “A”. If, however, you drive
the vehicle frequently under dusty or severe conditions,
the filter element should be inspected periodically and
replaced if necessary at the intervals shown on Schedule
NOTE: For vehicles with a Turbo engine, a small
amount of oil accumulation in the air cleaner box is
normal. The amount will depend on driving style. The air
cleaner box should be cleaned out and a new make-up-
air filter element should be installed during the normal
air filter maintenance procedure.
The air cleaner can provide a measure of protection
in the case of engine backfire. Do not remove the air
cleaner unless such removal is necessary for repair or
maintenance. Make sure that no one is near the
engine compartment before starting the vehicle with
the air cleaner removed. Failure to do so can result in
serious personal injury.