Volvo C30 Automobile User Manual

06 Starting and driving
Starting the engine
Before starting the engine
Apply the parking brake.
Automatic gearbox
Gear selector in position P or N.
Manual gearbox
Put the gear lever in neutral and hold the
clutch pedal fully depressed. This is particu-
larly important in very cold conditions.
Starting the engine
Turn the ignition key to position III.
If the engine does not start within
5–10 seconds, release the key and try
1. Turn the ignition key to position II.
An indicator symbol in the combined in-
strument panel shows that engine pre-
heating is underway, see page 41.
2. Turn the ignition key to position III
when the indicator symbol goes out.
Autostart (5-cylinder)
With the autostart function, there is no need
to hold the ignition key (or ignition dial on
cars with Keyless Drive, see page 113) in
position III until the engine has started.
Turn the ignition key to the start position and
then release. The starter motor then works
automatically until the engine has started.
Diesel particle filter (DPF)
Diesel cars are equipped with a particle filter,
which results in more efficient emission con-
trol. The particles in the exhaust gases are
collected in the filter during normal driving.
So-called "regeneration" is started in order to
burn away the particles and empty the filter.
This requires the engine to have reached nor-
mal operating temperature.
Regeneration of the filter takes place auto-
matically at an interval of approximately
300 – 900 km depending on driving condi-
tions. Regeneration normally takes between
10 and 20 minutes. During this time fuel con-
sumption may increase slightly.
The rear window heating may be activated
automatically to increase the load on the en-
gine during regeneration without warning.
Regeneration in cold weather
If the car is frequently driven short distances
in cold weather then the engine does not
reach normal operating temperature. This
means that regeneration of the diesel particle
filter does not take place and the filter is not
When the filter has become approximately
80 % full of particles, a yellow warning trian-
gle illuminates on the dashboard, and the
Never remove the ignition key from the
steering lock while driving or when the car is
being towed. The steering lock could other-
wise be activated, making it impossible to
steer the car.
The ignition key must be in position II when
the car is being towed.
The idling speed can be noticeably higher
than normal for certain engine types during
cold starting. This is in order that the emis-
sions system can reach normal operating
temperature as quickly as possible, which
minimises exhaust emissions and protects
the environment.
If the diesel engine is started in extreme
cold without waiting for engine preheating,
then the automatic start sequence can be
delayed for a couple of seconds.