Polaris PMS 419 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Periodic Maintenance Chart
Maintenance Chart Key
WARNING! Improperly performing the procedures marked with a “D” could
result in component failure and lead to serious injury or death. Have an
authorized POLARIS dealer perform these services.
Perform all services at whichever maintenance interval is reached first.
Symbol Description
Ź Perform these operations more often for vehicles subjected to severe use.
E Emission-related service (failure to conduct this maintenance will not void
the emissions warranty but may affect emissions)
D Have an authorized POLARIS dealer perform these services.
Item Maintenance Interval
(whichever comes first)
Hours Calendar Miles
Steering - Pre-Ride -
See Pre-Ride Checklist on
page 54.
Front suspension - Pre-Ride -
Rear suspension - Pre-Ride -
Tires - Pre-Ride -
Brake fluid level - Pre-Ride -
Brake lever travel - Pre-Ride -
Brake system - Pre-Ride -
Wheels/fasteners - Pre-Ride -
Frame fasteners - Pre-Ride -
Engine oil level - Pre-Ride -
Air filter, pre-filter - Daily - Inspect; clean often; replace
as needed
Coolant - Daily - Check level daily, change
coolant every 2 years
Ź Power steering unit
(if equipped)
- Daily - Inspect daily; clean often
Headlamp/taillight - Daily - Check operation