Polaris PMS 419 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Safety Warnings
Operating a Damaged ATV
Operating a damaged ATV can result in an accident. After any overturn or
accident, have a qualified service dealer inspect the entire machine for possible
damage, including (but not limited to) brakes, throttle and steering systems.
Physical Skills
Safe operation of this rider-active vehicle requires good judgement and physical
skills. Persons with cognitive or physical disabilities who operate this vehicle
have an increased risk of overturn and loss of control.
Hot Exhaust Systems
Exhaust system components are very hot during and after use of the vehicle.
Hot components can cause burns and fire. Do not touch hot exhaust system
components. Always keep combustible materials away from the exhaust
system. Use caution when traveling through tall grass, especially dry grass.
Unauthorized Use of the ATV
Leaving the keys in the ignition can lead to unauthorized use of the vehicle,
which could result in an accident or overturn. Always remove the ignition key
when the vehicle is not in use.