Polaris PMS 419 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Turning the Vehicle
Your ATV is equipped with a
solid rear axle, which drives
both rear wheels equally at all
times. This means that the
wheel on the outside of the turn
must travel a greater distance
than the inside wheel when
turning and the inside tire must
slip traction slightly.
To turn, steer in the direction of
the turn, leaning your upper
body to the inside of the turn
while supporting your weight
on the outer footrest. This tech-
nique alters the balance of trac-
tion between the rear wheels,
allowing the turn to be made
smoothly. The same leaning
technique should be used for
turning in reverse.
Practice making turns at slow speeds before attempting to turn at faster
WARNING! Turning improperly can result in vehicle overturn. Never turn
abruptly or at sharp angles. Never turn at high speeds.