Polaris PMS 419 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Wheel Installation
1. Place the transmission in PARK.
2. Lock the parking brake.
3. Place the wheel on the hub with the valve stem toward the outside
and rotation arrows on the tire pointing toward forward rotation (if
4. Install the wheel nuts and finger-tighten them.
5. Lower the vehicle to the ground.
6. Torque the wheel nuts to specification.
WARNING! Loose nuts could cause a tire to come off during operation, which
could result in an accident or overturn. Always ensure that all nuts are torqued to
Wheel Nut Torque Specifications
Check the wheel nut torques occasionally and when they've been loos-
ened for maintenance service. When servicing cast aluminum wheels,
use either a thin-walled impact socket or a standard non-impact socket
to remove and torque lug nuts.
Wheel Type Nut Type Nut Torque
Aluminum Lug Nut 75 ft. lbs. (102 Nm)
Steel Lug Nut 45 ft. lbs. (61 Nm)
Cast Aluminum
75 ft. lbs.
(102 Nm)
45 ft. lbs.
(61 Nm)