Polaris PMS 419 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Fuel Tank
Always refuel with the engine
stopped, and outdoors or in a well
ventilated area. Refuel on a level sur-
Remove the fuel tank cap and add
fuel. Use either leaded or unleaded
gasoline with a minimum pump
octane number of 87=(R+ M/2)
octane. Do not use fuel with ethanol
content greater than 10%, such as E-
85 fuel.
The fuel tank is designed to allow for
the normal expansion of fuel. Do not
overfill. Do not fill the tank neck.
Extreme Use 30 AH Battery
If your factory-installed 18 AH battery cannot maintain a charge
because of operation in extreme cold or with multiple electrical accesso-
ries, please see your POLARIS dealer to purchase a 30 AH battery.
1. Fully charge the new battery before installing it. See page 122.
2. To install the 30 AH battery, remove the 18 AH battery. See page
3. Remove the plastic spacer at the bottom of the battery compartment.
Save the spacer for future use.
4. Install the new battery. See page 121.
Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
Electronic power steering (EPS) engages when the ignition key is turned
to the ON position. EPS remains engaged whether the vehicle is moving
or idle. See page 43 for EPS Warning Indicator information.
Fuel Tank Cap