Polaris PMS 419 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Instrument Cluster
Multi-Function Display (MFD) Gauge (EPS Models)
Diagnostic Display Mode
The EFI diagnostic display mode is for informational purposes only.
Please see your Polaris dealer for all major repairs.
The diagnostic mode is accessible only when the check engine warning
indicator activates after the key has been turned on. Leave the key on if
you want to view the active code (failure code).
The diagnostic mode becomes inaccessible if the key is turned off and
on and the warning indicator is no longer active. This allows the deter-
mination of persistent as well as intermittent faults.
Inactive codes are stored in the history of the unit. Please see your
Polaris dealer to retrieve inactive codes.
Use the following procedure to view active codes that occur when the
key is on.
1. Place the transmission in PARK.
2. Press and release the SELECT button until the flashing check
engine warning indicator appears in the display.
3. A set of two numbers will also appear in the display.
The 2-6 digit suspect parameter number (SPN) in the information area
indicates which component is generating the fault code.
The 1-2 digit failure mode indicator (FMI) number in the clock area indi-
cates the fault mode, such as open or short circuit.
4. See pages 48-50 for code definitions and failure descriptions.
Tip: More than one fault may be active. Press and hold the MODE button to tog-
gle through all currently active diagnostic codes.