Polaris PMS 419 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Starting the Engine
1. Position the vehicle on a level surface outdoors or in a well-venti-
lated area.
2. Place the transmission in PARK.
3. Lock the parking brake.
Tip: The starter interlock will prevent the engine from starting if the transmission
is in gear and the brake is not engaged.
4. Sit on the vehicle and move the engine stop switch to RUN.
5. Do not press the throttle while starting the engine.
6. Turn the ignition key past the ON position to engage the starter.
Activate the starter for a maximum of five seconds, releasing the
key when the engine starts.
7. If the engine does not start, return the key to the OFF position and
wait five seconds before attempting to start again. Activate the
starter for another five seconds if necessary. Repeat this procedure
until the engine starts.
NOTICE: Operating the vehicle immediately after starting could cause engine
damage. Allow the engine to warm up for several minutes before
operating the vehicle.
Cold Weather Operation
If the ATV is used year-round, check the oil level frequently. A rising oil
level could indicate the accumulation of contaminates such as water or
excess fuel in the bottom of the crankcase. Water in the bottom of the
crankcase can lead to engine damage and must be drained. Water accu-
mulation increases as outside temperature decreases.