Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

To avoid fuel spillage and overfilling, do not “top
off” the fuel tank after filling.
NOTE: When the fuel nozzle “clicks” or shuts off, the
fuel tank is full.
Remove the fuel tank filler tube cap (gas cap)
slowly to prevent fuel spray from the filler neck
which may cause injury.
The volatility of some gasolines may cause a build
up of pressure in the fuel tank that may increase
while you drive. This pressure can result in a
spray of gasoline and/or vapors when you remove
the cap from a hot vehicle. Removing the cap
slowly allows the pressure to vent and prevents
fuel spray.
Never have any smoking materials lit in or near
the vehicle when the gas cap is removed or the
tank filled.
Never add fuel when the engine is running. This
is in violation of most state and federal fire
regulations and will cause the malfunction indi-
cator light to turn on.