Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

Air Conditioner
Check the air conditioning system at the start of the
warm weather season.
NOTE: If your air conditioning performance seems
lower than expected, check the front of the A/C con-
denser for an accumulation of dirt or insects. Clean with
a gentle water spray from behind the radiator and
through the condenser as required. Fabric front fascia
protectors may reduce air flow to the condenser, reducing
air conditioning performance.
The air conditioning system contains refrigerant
under high pressure. To avoid risk of personal injury
or damage to the system, adding refrigerant or any
repair requiring lines to be disconnected should be
done by an experienced repairman.
Refrigerant Recovery And Recycling
The air conditioning system of your vehicle contains
R-134a, a refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer
in the upper atmosphere, the manufacturer recommends
that air conditioning service be done by facilities using
refrigerant recycling and recovery equipment that meets
SAE standard J1991.
Power Steering Fluid Check
Checking the power steering fluid level at a defined
service interval is not required. The fluid should only be
checked if a leak is suspected, abnormal noises are
apparent, and/or the system is not functioning as antici-
pated. Coordinate inspection efforts through a certified
DaimlerChrysler Dealership.Љ