Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

The cap should be inspected and cleaned if there is any
accumulation of foreign material on the sealing surfaces.
The warning words “DO NOT OPEN HOT” on the
cooling system pressure cap are a safety precaution.
Never add coolant when the engine is overheated.
Do not loosen or remove the cap to cool an over-
heated engine. Heat causes pressure to build up in
the cooling system. To prevent scalding or injury, do
not remove the pressure cap while the system is hot
or under pressure.
Coolant Level
The coolant recovery bottle provides a quick visual
method for determining that the coolant level is ad-
equate. With the engine idling, and warm to normal
operating temperature, the level of the coolant in the
bottle should be between the “FULL” and “ADD” marks.
The radiator normally remains completely full, so there is
no need to remove the radiator cap unless checking for
coolant freeze point or replacing coolant. Advise your
service attendant of this. As long as the engine operating
temperature is satisfactory, the coolant recovery bottle
need only be checked once a month.
When additional coolant is needed to maintain the
proper level, it should be added to the coolant recovery
bottle. Do not overfill.
Points To Remember
NOTE: When the vehicle is stopped after a few kilome-
ters (a few miles) of operation, you may observe vapor
coming from the front of the engine compartment. This is
normally a result of moisture from rain, snow, or high