Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

Random Play RND/Program Button 4
Press the RND (button 4) button while the CD is playing
to activate Random Play. This feature plays the tracks on
the selected disc in random order to provide an interest-
ing change of pace.
Press the SEEK button to move to the next randomly
selected track.
Press the RND (button 4) button a second time to stop
Random Play.
Press the MODE button repeatedly to select between the
CD player, the optional remote CD changer and the
Satellite Radio (if equipped). When Satellite Radio (if
equipped) is selected “SA” will appear in your radio
A CD or tape may remain in the player while in the
Satellite mode.
Press the TIME button to change the display from
elapsed CD playing time to time of day.
CD Changer Control Capability If Equipped
This radio is compatible with a remote mounted CD
changer available through Mopar Accessories. The fol-
lowing instructions are for the radio controls that operate
this CD changer.
Mode Button
To activate the CD changer, press the MODE button until
CD information appears on the display.
While the CD changer is playing, press the NUMBER 1
push-button or the NUMBER 5 push-button to select a
disc numbered higher or lower than the one currently
being played.