Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

Air is directed through the windshield and side
window demist outlets. Use this mode with maxi-
mum fan and temperature settings for best windshield
and side window defrosting.
NOTE: The air conditioning compressor operates in
both Mix and Defrost or a blend of these modes even if
the fan switch is not in the A/C position. This dehumidi-
fies the air to help dry the windshield. To improve fuel
economy, use these modes only when necessary.
Air Outlets
The airflow from each of the instrument panel outlets can
be adjusted for direction and turned on or off to control
air flow.
A knob attached in the center of each instrument panel
outlet is used to adjust the airflow direction, and a knob
on the outer edge of each instrument panel outlet grille
opens or closes a shutter to turn airflow on or off through
that outlet.
NOTE: For maximum airflow to the rear seat passen-
gers, the center instrument panel outlets can be aimed, so
that the left center outlet is directed toward the right rear
passenger and the right center outlet is directed toward
the left rear passenger.
Temperature Control
Use this control to regulate
the temperature of the air in-
side the passenger compart-
ment. The blue area of the
scale indicates cooler tem-
peratures while the red area
indicates warmer tempera-