Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

NOTE: The key that is used to start the vehicle is also
used to lock or unlock the doors and open the liftgate.
To open the liftgate, insert the key into the lock and turn
to the left. The liftgate can also be unlocked using the
remote keyless entry or by activating the power door lock
switches located on the front doors. The central locking/
unlocking feature (if equipped) can also be activated
from the liftgate key cylinder.
Once unlocked, the liftgate can be opened or closed
without using the key. To open the liftgate, pull out on
the outside handle and lift up with one fluid motion.
Driving with the liftgate open can allow poison-
ous exhaust gases into your vehicle. You and your
passengers could be injured by these fumes. Keep
the liftgate closed when you are operating the
If you are required to drive with the liftgate open,
make sure that all windows are closed, and the
climate control blower switch is set at high speed.
DO NOT use the recirculation mode.
Gas props support the liftgate in the open position.
However, because the gas pressure drops with tempera-
ture, it may be necessary to assist the props when
opening the liftgate in cold weather.