Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

Seek Button
Press the SEEK up or down to select another track on the
same disc. A SEEK symbol will appear on the display.
Fast Forward And Rewind Buttons
Press and hold the FF button for fast forward. Press and
hold the RW button for fast reverse.
The audio output can be heard when fast forward and
fast reverse are activated.
Random Play (RND)
Press the Random button to play the tracks on the
selected disc in random order for an interesting change of
Random can be cancelled by pressing the button a second
time or by ejecting the CD from the changer.
CD Diagnostic Indicators
When driving over a very rough road, the CD player may
skip momentarily. Skipping will not damage the disc or
the player, and play will resume automatically.
As a safeguard and to protect your CD player, one of the
following warning symbols may appear on your display.
A CD HOT symbol indicates the player is too hot.
CD HOT will pause the operation. Play can be resumed
when the operating temperature is corrected or another
MODE is selected.
An ERR symbol will appear on the display if the laser is
unable to read the Disc data for the following reasons:
Excessive vibration
Disc inserted upside down
Damaged disc
Water condensation on optics