Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

NOTE: Power to operate the radio is controlled by the
ignition switch. It must be in the ON or ACC position to
operate the radio.
Press the MODE button repeatedly to select between AM,
FM, the CD changer and Sirius Satellite Radio™ (if
equipped). The display will show ST when a stereo
station is received.
To select Sirius Satellite Radio™ (if equipped), press the
MODE button until the word SIRIUS appears. The fol-
lowing will be displayed in this order: After three sec-
onds, the current channel name and number will be
displayed for five seconds. The current program type and
channel number will then be displayed for five seconds.
The current channel name and number will then be
displayed until an action occurs. CD’s may remain in the
player while in the Satellite Radio mode.
Press and release the SEEK button to search for the next
station in either the AM or FM mode. Press the top of the
button to seek up and the bottom to seek down. The
radio will remain tuned to the new station until you
make another selection. Holding the button in will by-
pass stations without stopping until you release it.
Press the TUNE control up or down to increase or
decrease the frequency. If the button is pressed and held,
the radio will continue to tune until the button is
released. The frequency will be displayed and continu-
ously updated while the button is pressed.
Balance BAL
The Balance control adjusts the left-to-right speaker bal-
ance. Press the BAL button in and it will pop out. Adjust
the balance and push the button back in.