Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

If your vehicle is equipped with flame or woodgrain
graphics, it is recommended that special care be
taken when using hand-held pressure washers to
clean your vehicle. The pressure of these hand-held
car wash wands can vary greatly and could possibly
cause damage to the surface of the graphic. Hold the
tip of the wand at least 12 inches away from the
graphic surface when cleaning the vehicle.
Wheel And Wheel Trim Care
All wheels and wheel trim, especially Aluminum and
Chrome plated, should be cleaned regularly, when cool,
using mild soap and water to maintain their luster and to
prevent corrosion. Wash them with the same soap solu-
tion as the body of your vehicle. Rinse wheels thor-
When cleaning extremely dirty wheels, care must be
taken in the selection of tire and wheel cleaning chemi-
cals and equipment to prevent damage to the wheels.
Only Mopar Wheel Cleaners are recommended. DO NOT
USE any of the items listed below which can damage
your wheels and wheel trim.
Any abrasive cleaner
Any abrasive cleaning pad (such as steel wool) or
abrasive brush
Any cleaner that contains an acid which can react with
and discolor the chrome surface.
Chrome polish
Oven cleaner
A car wash that uses carbide-tipped wheel cleaning
brushes or acidic solutions.