Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

AM/FM Selection
Press the AM/FM button to change from AM to FM. The
operating mode will be displayed next to the station
frequency. The display will show ST when a stereo
station is received.
Scan Button
Pressing the SCAN button causes the tuner to search for
the next station, in either AM or FM, pausing for 5
seconds at each listenable station before continuing to the
Pressing the AM/FM button continues the search in the
alternate frequency band.
To stop the search, press SCAN a second time.
To Set The Radio Push-button Memory
When you are receiving a station that you wish to
commit to push-button memory, press the SET button.
SET 1 will show in the display window. Select the
push-button you wish to lock onto this station and press
and release that button. If a station is not selected within
5 seconds after pressing the SET button, the station will
continue to play but will not be locked into push-button
You may add a second station to each push-button by
repeating the above procedure with this exception: Press
the SET button twice and SET 2 will show in the display
window. Each button can be set for SET 1 and SET 2 in
both AM and FM. This allows a total of 10 AM and 10 FM
stations to be locked into memory. You can recall the
stations stored in SET 2 memory by pressing the push-
button twice.