Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

14. Brake System Warning Light
This light monitors various brake functions,
including brake fluid level and parking brake
application. If the brake light comes on, it may
indicate that the parking brake is applied, or
there is a low brake fluid level. On vehicles equipped
with Anti-lock brakes (ABS), it may also indicate an ABS
malfunction that could lead to reduced braking perfor-
Driving a vehicle with the brake light on is danger-
ous. A significant decrease in braking performance
or vehicle stability during braking may occur. It will
take you longer to stop the vehicle or will make your
vehicle harder to control. You could have an acci-
dent. Have the vehicle checked immediately.
The operation of the Brake Warning light can be checked
by turning the ignition key from the OFF to the ON
position. The light should illuminate for three seconds, or
until the engine is started, whichever comes first. The
light should then go out unless the parking brake is
applied or a brake fault is detected. If the light does not
illuminate, have the light inspected and serviced as soon
as possible.
The light will also come on when the parking brake is
applied with the ignition switch in the ON position.
NOTE: This light shows only that the parking brake is
applied. It does not show the degree of brake application.
If the parking brake is off and the light remains on, have
the brake system inspected as soon as possible.
15. Trac Indicator If Equipped
The TRAC Light will come on momentarily as a bulb
check when the ignition switch is first turned ON.