Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

Low Signal, Battery Strength, and Roam
The UConnect™ system will provide notification to
inform you if your cellular phone is in roaming status,
has low signal strength, or has a low battery when you
are trying to place a phone call.
Dialing Using the Cellular Phone Keypad
You can dial a phone number with your cellular phone
keypad and still use the UConnect™ system. By dialing a
number with your paired Bluetooth™ cellular phone, the
audio will be played through your vehicle’s stereo sys-
tem. The UConnect™ system will work the same as if
you dialed the number using voice recognition.
When you mute the UConnect™ system, you will still be
able to hear the conversation coming from the other
party, but the other party will not be able to hear you. In
order to mute the UConnect™ system press the ’Voice
Recognition’ button and say ЉMuteЉ. In order to unmute
the UConnect™ system; press the ’Voice Recognition’
button and say ЉUnmuteЉ.
If you need assistance at any prompt or if you want to
know what your options are at any prompt, say ЉHelpЉ.
The UConnect™ system will play all the options at any
prompt if you ask for help.
At any prompt, you can say ЉCancelЉ and you will be
returned to the previous menu.
Emergency Assistance
If you are in an emergency, say ЉDial EmergencyЉ or ЉCall
EmergencyЉ and the UConnect™ system will instruct
your cellular phone to call 911.