Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

The following indicators should be used to ensure that
you have engaged the transmission shift lever into the P
(Park) position:
When shifting into P (Park), depress the button on the
shift lever and firmly move the lever all the way
forward until it stops.
Look at the shift indicator window on the console to
ensure it is in the P (Park) position.
When engaged in P (Park), you will not be able to
move the shifter rearward without depressing the shift
lever button.
Before moving the shift lever out of P (Park), you must
turn the ignition from LOCK to ON so the steering
wheel and shift lever are released. Otherwise, damage
to the steering column or shifter could result.
“R” Reverse
Shift into this range only after the vehicle has come to a
complete stop.
“N” Neutral
Engine may be started in this range.
“D” Overdrive
This range should be used for most city and highway
driving. It provides smoothest up shifts and down shifts
and best fuel economy.
When frequent transaxle shifting occurs while using the
Overdrive range, such as when operating the vehicle
under heavy loading conditions (in hilly terrain, travel-
ing into strong head winds, or while towing trailers), use
the “3” range.