Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

To Activate:
Push the ON/OFF button. The CRUISE indicator in the
instrument cluster will illuminate. To turn the system
OFF, push the ON/OFF button a second time. The
CRUISE indicator will turn off. The system should be
turned OFF when not in use.
Leaving the Electronic Speed Control system on
when not in use is dangerous. You could accidentally
set the system or cause it to go faster than you want.
You could lose control and have an accident. Always
leave the system OFF when you are not using it.
To Set At A Desired Speed:
When the vehicle has reached the desired speed, press
down on the lever and release. Release the accelerator
and the vehicle will operate at the selected speed.
NOTE: The vehicle should be traveling at a steady
speed and on level ground before pressing the SET lever.
While in the AutoStick mode, speed control will only
operate in third and fourth gear.
To Deactivate:
A soft tap on the brake pedal, pulling the speed control
lever towards you “CANCEL”, or normal brake or clutch
pressure while slowing the vehicle will deactivate speed
control without erasing the set speed memory. Pressing
the ON/OFF button or turning off the ignition switch
erases the set speed memory.