Chrysler 2004 PT Cruiser Automobile User Manual

When the front airbag control module detects a colli-
sion requiring the front airbags, it signals the inflator
units. A large quantity of nontoxic gas is generated to
inflate the front airbags. The front airbag covers sepa-
rate and fold out of the way as the front airbags inflate
to their full size. The front airbags fully inflate in about
50 milliseconds. This is only about half of the time it
takes you to blink your eyes. The front airbags then
quickly deflate while helping to restrain the driver and
front passenger. The driver’s front airbag gas is vented
through the airbag material towards the instrument
panel. The passenger’s front airbag gas is vented
through vent holes in the sides of the airbag. In this
way the front airbags do not interfere with your
control of the vehicle.
The Knee Impact Bolsters help protect the knees and
position you for the best interaction with the front
Side Airbags Supplemental Restraint System
(SRS)—If Equipped
The side airbag control module determines if a side
collision is severe enough to require the side airbags to
inflate. The side airbag control module will not detect roll
over, front or rear collisions.
The Side Airbag Control Module monitors the readiness
of the electronic parts of the system whenever the igni-
tion switch is in the START or ON positions. These
include all of the items listed under “The Side Airbag
System”, on vehicles equipped, consists of the follow-
In moderate to severe side collisions, the side airbag
inflator on the crash side of the vehicle is triggered,
releasing a quantity of nontoxic gas. The inflating side
airbag exits through the seat seam into the space between
the occupant and the door. The side airbag moves at a
very high speed and with such a high force, that it could