Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Using your System
Commanding the system
Commands, Basic or Advanced, are used to activate system features
and are performed by pressing one of the Command buttons. Basic
commands control the most often used security and remote start fea-
tures while Advanced commands control more specialized features.
Confirmations for Basic or Advanced commands are indicated
by siren chirps and parking light flashes. A description of each feature
confirmation is found in the following Basic command and Advanced
command sections.
Performing Commands
Perform Basic commands by pressing a Command button.
Perform Advanced Commands by first accessing Levels 1-4 using the
button and then by pressing a Command button while within a
Advanced command example: Silent Arm
1. Press the
button once to access Function Level 1, The trans-
mit LED single flashes for 3 seconds.
2. Press the
button while the transmit LED is still flashing to
perform the Silent Arm command.
3. The system will arm, lock the doors and flash the parking lights
without siren chirps.