Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Alarm Features
Normal Arm Protection
Status LED: The Control Center Status LED flashes as a visual indicator
that your vehicle’s security system is active.
Starter Kill: The Failsafe starter kill relay prevents the engine from
May require additional parts and installation
Sensor triggers: The onboard shock sensor can distinguish minor im-
pacts from major impacts to the vehicle exterior. Minor impacts causes
the system to emit a Warn-away output. Major impacts caused for
example by a forcible entry attempt, results in a Full Trigger output.
Point of entry triggers: Opening the hood or trunk causes a Full Trig-
ger output, while opening a Door or turning on the Ignition causes the
the siren to chirp 3 seconds before beginning the Full Trigger output.
This 3 second delay allows time to disarm and silence the siren in
case of accidental trigger.
Sensor Silent Arm protection
Sensor Warn-away and Sensor Full Trigger activations are defeated.
Point of entry triggers will activate the Full Trigger output.
Full Silent Arm Protection
Sensor Warn-away, Sensor Full Trigger and Point of Entry activations
are defeated. Only the Ignition input will activate the Full Trigger out-