Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Remote Start Safe-lock
Remote start safe-lock makes sure the doors are locked while the en-
gine is running and after, even if they are unlocked when remote start
is activated. Door locks may require additional parts and labor.
Disabling Remote Start
Remote start can be disabled by moving the Toggle Switch to the Off
position. If remote start is attempted while Off, the engine will not start.
(See Remote Start Fault under Remote Start Features) move the switch
back to the On position to resume normal operation.
Advanced Start
The Advanced start features; Timer Start and Smart Start will automati-
cally start the engine to maintain battery charge or combat extreme
cold when parked for an extended period of time.
Precautions for the Advanced Start features:
s Park the vehicle in a well ventilated area away from windows
and doors that lead into inhabited spaces.
s Arm and Lock the vehicle, the engine will not start unless the
doors are locked.
s Only one Advanced start feature can be enabled at any given
s For manual transmission vehicles MTS mode must be enabled
before Timer Start or Smart Start can be activated.
Timer Start operation
Activation begins a countdown timer as set by the installer (de-
fault 3 hours). When the timer expires the engine starts. When
the Remote start runtime expires the engine shuts off, and the
countdown timer restarts. This will repeat as many times as set