Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Remote Control Configuration
Remote Programming
The remote controls have operations that can be configured to a user’s
personal preferences. The following instruction will direct you through
the available programming options for both remote controls.
Enter programming, press and hold the
button for 8 seconds, the
transmit LED turns on to indicate the Main Menu is accessed.
Exit programming or go back to a previous menu, press and release
button. When programming is exited the transmit LED turns
Remote Pairing
The following instruction will step you through the remote pairing op-
Prepare the vehicle system for pairing:
1. Open at least one of the vehicle’s doors.
2. Turn the key to the ON position.
3. Within 5 seconds press and release 1 time the Control button on
the Control Center.
4. Within 5 seconds, press and hold the Control button. The status
LED will flash one time and the siren will chirp once to confirm the
system is ready for remote pairing.
5. Release the Control button and proceed to next step.
Pairing will exit if:
s Step 7 is not completed within 60 seconds
s The doors are closed
s The ignition is turned off.