Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Valet Mode
Valet mode can be entered and exited by performing the Remote Valet
command or manually using the vehicle key and the control button.
When entered, the alarm functions are defeated while the conve-
nience features still operate normally.
Use the following steps to manually enter and exit Valet Mode:
1. Turn the ignition switch On and then Off
2. Immediately press and release the control button once
3. The control center LED turns On when entering and Off when
Power Save
To reduce power consumption the control center status LED modifies
its output if the vehicle is parked for an extended period. If Armed the
flashing is reduced after 24 hours. When Valet mode is On the LED
turns off after 1 hour and resets each time the ignition is turned off.
Rapid Resume
If power is ever disconnected by a mechanic or thief, the system will
resume the state it was in at the time of disconnection, when power
is reconnected.
Car Select
Car 2 remote control option must first be turned On (See Remote
Control Configuration section to turn on). Press and hold the
for 3 seconds. The LED flashes once or twice to indicate the selected
Car is 1 or 2, release the button for Car Select or continue to hold
for programming.
Release the
button, then press and release while the LED flash-
es continue to perform Car Select. Once the car is selected a com-
mand can be performed by pressing one of the command buttons.