Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Sensor Warn-away output
When the system sensors detect a Warn-away trigger the siren chirps
and parking lights flash for 3 seconds.
Full Trigger output
An alarm Full Trigger will sound the siren and flash the parking lights
for 30 seconds.
Emergency Override
The following procedure disarms the system when a programmed re-
mote is not available. Number of presses__________
1. Turn the ignition On.
2. Press the control button on the Control Center the correct
number of times (the default is 1 press).
3. After a few seconds the siren output ceases and the system
is disarmed.
As a precaution, if programmed for Passive Arming or Auto
re-arming the system should be placed into Valet Mode until
a remote is available .
Trigger Zone Fault Report
When armed by remote command the system runs a status check of
the alarm trigger zones. Faulty zones (usually caused by dome light
delay or open trunk) are bypassed and reported via the control center
LED, while all other trigger zones remain active and are monitored to
protect the vehicle. Should a faulty zone self correct (dome light turns
off) it becomes active and is then monitored normally.
The siren chirps once again a few seconds following the arming
chirps as an audible alert, the control center LED flashes in groups to
indicate the zone number.