Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Remote Start Features
Pit Stop Mode
To exit vehicle with engine running
The system keeps the engine running during short trips into the house
or convenience store. To perform Pit Stop:
1. With the engine running, set the parking brake and release the
foot brake.
2. Press the
button, the parking lights will turn on to indicate
remote start is on.
3. Turn the key to off, and remove it from the ignition, the engine
continues running for the programmed runtime.
4. Exit the vehicle and arm the alarm.
For Pit Stop on manual transmission vehicles follow the direc-
tions in the Manual Transmission Start (MTS mode) section.
Key Takeover
When you are ready to drive
The system keeps the engine running until the vehicle is ready to be
driven. To perform Key Takeover:
1. Disarm the system and enter the vehicle, do not step on the foot
2. Insert the key, turn it to the run position, and then step on the foot
brake, the remote start then turns off.
3. The parking lights turn off to indicate remote start is off.
4. The vehicle is ready to drive.