Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Advanced Commands: (Level 2)
Press and release the button 2 times. The transmit LED illuminates in
sets of double flashes to indicate Level 2.
Sensor Bypass
Press and release
Performing the Sensor Bypass command will incrementally bypass sen-
sor operations and be confirmed as follows:
s Warn-away bypass: The Parking lights flash 2 times. Sensors will
be activated for Full Trigger levels of impact only.
s Warn-away & Full trigger bypass: The Parking lights flash 3
times. Sensors will not be activated for any level of impact.
s Sensor Bypass off: The Parking lights flash 1 time. Sensors are
fully operational.
System needs to be armed to perform Sensor Bypass.
Perform arm command any time to turn Sensor Bypass Off.
Remote Valet
Press and release
Enters (or if On, exits) Valet Mode. The Control Center LED turns on
and off accordingly.