Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Alarm Report
If the alarm was triggered while armed, it will be reported when
the alarm is disarmed via siren chirps, parking light and control center
LED flashes. The siren chirps 4 times (or 5 times if NPC On*), the park-
ing lights flash 3 times, and the control center LED flashes in groups to
indicate the last two zones that were triggered (see Table of Zones).
The report output will repeat for each disarm operation until the igni-
tion is turned on.
* See Nuisance Prevention (NPC) for more details.
Table of Zones
Zone # (led flashes) Zone Name
1 Trunk
2 Shock Sensor
3 Door
4 Sensor 2
5 Ignition
6 Hood
Nuisance Prevention (NPC)
NPC monitors all alarm zones and, if any are triggered excessively,
bypasses them until corrected. If a point of entry (trunk, hood, door)
is left open following a forced entry, it is bypassed. It becomes active
again only after being closed.
Bypassed sensors automatically reset after one hour and after the
vehicle is driven. Disarming then re-arming the alarm does not reset
bypassed sensors.