Clifford 510.4X Remote Starter User Manual

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Remote and System Operations
Passive Arming*
Park and exit the vehicle, after the doors are closed the Passive arm-
ing countdown begins. The led flashes quickly and upon reaching 20
seconds the siren then chirps once. At 30 seconds the system arms
Anytime before the system arms you can re-enter the vehicle or
open the trunk to load or unload items and, after closing passive arm-
ing resumes.
To stay secure in case of accidental disarming the system, if a
door is not opened within 30 seconds the system re-arms itself and
locks the doors.
Auto Re-arming*
Auto re-arm ensures the vehicle stays protected if it is not entered after
disarming by remote control. After disarming by remote, the alarm
automatically re-arms itself (and locks the doors if programmed on) in
30 seconds. Open any point of entry to stop the re-arm until the next
disarm by remote.
Onetime Bypass*
Turn the ignition On for one to three seconds and then Off. The siren
chirps once to confirm one-time bypass is enabled.
One-time bypass can be used to temporarily bypass the Passive arm-
ing operation for one cycle. It also bypasses the comfort closure and
auxiliary channel outputs if programmed to activate when arming.
After the next disarm all operations return to normal.
* These features must be turned on by an authorized Directed dealer.